Avoid the Evergreen tariff

In the world of energy contracts, Evergreen tariffs may sound appealing, but they can be anything but nice for micro-business owners. Evergreen tariffs, also known as rollover tariffs, can trap you into a contract with higher prices and limit your options. As micro-business owners, it’s crucial to understand Evergreen tariffs and take proactive steps to avoid them, ensuring cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Evergreen Tariffs: The Trap to Avoid

Evergreen tariffs come into effect once a fixed-term energy contract ends. Unlike fixed-term agreements, where rates and terms are agreed upon for a specific duration, Evergreen tariffs automatically roll over for another fixed period, typically around 12 months. Unfortunately, many micro-businesses unknowingly fall into this trap, leading to potential challenges and higher costs.

The Drawbacks of Evergreen Tariffs

While Evergreen tariffs provide continuity in energy supply, they come with significant challenges for micro-businesses. The major concern is the lack of flexibility. Once you’re on an Evergreen tariff, you’re bound to the contract for the entire fixed period. This means you may be stuck with higher prices even if market rates decline or better energy plans become available during the Evergreen period.

Proactive Contract Management

Avoiding Evergreen tariffs requires proactive contract management. Keep track of your contract end dates and explore better deals well before your existing plan expires. Recent changes in regulations have eliminated the need for termination notices, giving micro-businesses the freedom to switch to more favourable energy contracts without delays.

Our Solution

Don’t wait until your contract rolls over into an Evergreen tariff. Take control of your energy expenses and prevent the trap of Evergreen tariffs. Complete our simple quotation request form, and our team will diligently search for a competitive and suitable energy deal tailored to your micro-business needs. By securing a better contract proactively, you can avoid Evergreen pitfalls and ensure cost-effectiveness in your energy usage.


As micro-business owners, understanding Evergreen tariffs is crucial for managing energy costs efficiently. Avoiding Evergreen traps and staying proactive in managing energy contracts empowers you to switch to more favourable plans and respond promptly to market changes. With this knowledge, you can ensure a steady and cost-effective energy supply, supporting your micro-business’s growth and success in the competitive landscape. So, be vigilant and take control of your energy contracts to steer clear of the Evergreen trap and secure a bright energy future for your micro-business.