Paying for Your Energy with Smart Meters

About smart meters

Smart meters have revolutionised how we manage energy in the UK. These devices provide real-time data on electricity and gas usage, empowering us to make informed decisions and reduce waste. You can find more information about smart meters on our dedicated page.

Payment options

Let’s explore the various payment options for smart meters in the UK:

  1. Prepayment Meters: With prepayment meters, you pay in advance by topping up credit using cards, tokens, or apps. The credit is deducted as you use electricity or gas.
  2. Direct Debit: Some providers offer direct debit payments, automatically deducting the bill amount from your bank account each month.
  3. Online or Phone Payments: Many providers offer online or phone payment options, allowing you to use your debit or credit card for payment.
  4. Using the app: You can download the app from your energy supplier, which enables you to manage your account using the app. It is worthwhile noting that the supplier may provide different apps for prepayment customers and for those using other payment methods.
  5. Through Paypoint or Payzone: Certain providers allow cash payments at local Paypoints or Payzones, including post offices or stores.
  6. Budgeting Plans: Some providers offer budgeting plans, spreading energy costs evenly throughout the year for easier payments. This is quite rare.

You can find more information about Paypoint here or Payzone here.

PAN Number / Top-up Number

If you’re using a prepayment meter and don’t have a payment card yet, you can request a PAN Number, otherwise known as a Top-up Number, from your energy company. The PAN code enables you to top-up the meter without the physical payment card, making it convenient while waiting for the card to arrive.

Changing your payment option

One of the benefits of smart meters is that you can change your payment option quite easily. If you are paying using prepayment, you can ask the energy supplier to change the mode on your meter to enable you to pay through other methods, and vice versa.


In conclusion, smart meters provide valuable insights into energy usage, promoting conservation and efficiency. Multiple payment options cater to different needs, offering flexibility and convenience in managing energy bills. As technology advances, we can expect further improvements and greener, more sustainable energy solutions. For the latest information, check your provider’s website or contact their customer service.

When you register an account, it’s helpful to note your account number and the PAN code if you’re using prepayment. You can change your payment method quite easily by contacting your supplier.

We recommend smart meters for their many benefits, including flexible payment options!