Our Business Energy Process

At the outset, we understand that business energy requirements differ significantly from those of residential properties. Here’s a streamlined overview of how we handle the business energy process:

  1. Initial Information Gathering: Please begin by filling out our contact form with essential details.
  2. Documentation Submission: Upon receipt, we’ll reach out to you, requesting the following documents:
    • Clear images of your meters showing the type of meter and serial numbers
    • Copies of your most recent bills
    • A DNO letter if your supply is freshly installed
  3. Authorisation: We’ll need you to complete a couple of Letters of Authority, which we will send to you, empowering both ourselves and our partner to act on your behalf.
  4. Tailored Quotation Preparation: With the necessary information at hand, we’ll proceed to fill out a comprehensive form online, allowing us to craft a customised quotation specifically tailored to your requirements.
  5. Supplier Negotiation: Our team will diligently engage with various suppliers to procure the most competitive quotation suitable for your business needs.
  6. Quotation Discussion and Confirmation: Once we have finalised the quotation, we’ll provide a PDF with the quotation and will discuss it with you in detail. If you’re satisfied and ready to proceed, we’ll guide you through completing a Contract Request Form online.
  7. Supply Preparation: With the contract formalities completed, we’ll swiftly prepare the new energy supply for your business.

Throughout this entire process, our aim is to keep things as straightforward and hassle-free for you as possible, ensuring that the quotation aligns precisely with your business requirements.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. We are happy to help in any way we can. Thank you.