Complaints handling procedure

This is for energy disputes


Our goal is to provide exceptional service, but we understand that issues may arise. In such cases, we’ve created a complaint procedure to address and resolve your concerns promptly and respectfully. We are committed to treating you courteously throughout this process. If you need a copy of this procedure, it’s available upon request via email or post.

The Procedure:

1. Contact Us: You can reach us via email at, by telephone at 01382 553119, or by post at 22 Shanwell Road South, Tayport, DD6 9EH.

2. Acknowledgement: Within two working days of receiving your complaint, we’ll send you an acknowledgment introducing the designated complaint manager who will oversee your case. This manager offers a fresh perspective from your previous interactions with us.

3. Additional Information or Clarification: Your designated complaint manager may contact you for further details, documents, or clarification regarding the issues raised.

4. Our Decision: Within ten working days of acknowledging your complaint, we’ll inform you of the results of our investigation. If we can’t meet this deadline, we’ll update you on our progress and provide a new expected decision date.

5. Your Decision: Please let us know within ten working days of receiving our decision whether you accept it or not. If you disagree, please indicate your position and consider providing additional documents or information to assist our review.

6. Decision Review: If you reject our initial decision and request a review, we’ll conduct a thorough re-assessment. We aim to communicate the outcome within ten working days, with updates for any delays. We may also request further information or clarification during this review.

7. Eight-Week Letter: Regardless of the stage, you’ll receive an eight-week letter eight weeks after your initial complaint. This letter outlines your right to escalate the matter to the Ombudsman, as detailed below.

8. Deadlock Letter: Should you reject our decision, we’ll send you a deadlock letter confirming your rejection and your entitlement to escalate the complaint to the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman

If you are a microbusiness, and your complaint remains unresolved either after eight weeks from your initial complaint or upon receiving a deadlock letter from us, you have the right to escalate your case to the Energy Ombudsman. This independent body mediates disputes between us and our microbusiness customers, offering its services free of charge. While you are not obligated to accept the Energy Ombudsman’s decision, should you choose to do so, we will honour it. Alternatively, you may pursue other actions, such as litigation.

Contact Details for the Ombudsman

Citizens Advice Bureau

For independent and practical advice, you can also contact the Citizens Advice Bureau. This service offers free, confidential, and impartial guidance.

Download of our Complaints Handling Procedure…