Boost your internet with eero

Unlike the usual router-to-range extender setup, eero revolutionises your WiFi experience. It employs multiple access points to deliver consistent, fast coverage throughout your home, all on a single network.

Traditional range extenders expand WiFi reach but sacrifice speed. They share a single radio for both data reception and transmission, essentially cutting your bandwidth in half. This slowdown affects connections to both the extender and the main router.

eero simplifies this. Instead of switching networks as you move, eero creates a seamless mesh, uniting all units under one name. No disconnections or network-switching hassles.

Multiple eero units function as an all-inclusive WiFi system, replacing your existing networking gear except the modem. The setup is straightforward, guided by the eero mobile app. Add as many eeros as needed to eliminate dead spots.

Once up, eeros smartly manage traffic flow, assuring strong signals. They sport dual radios for minimal signal loss during hops and can self-update via the cloud.

Enhance your Utility Warehouse internet with Eero at just £5/month for two units, effortlessly combined with your broadband bill. You don’t need to purchase eero separately, Utility Warehouse will send the units out to you after you add them to your package.


In conclusion, eero presents a transformative approach to WiFi connectivity, diverging from conventional router-to-range extender configurations. By employing multiple access points and a seamless mesh network, eero ensures reliable, high-speed coverage across your entire home. This innovative system eliminates the limitations of traditional range extenders, where speed and connectivity can suffer. With straightforward setup, smart traffic management, and continuous self-improvement, eero stands as a robust solution to enhance your internet experience. And with the opportunity to seamlessly integrate it into your Utility Warehouse internet for just £5 per month, eero opens the door to a new era of seamless and efficient connectivity.