Cashback Card

Introducing the Utility Warehouse Cashback Card

Designed exclusively for UW customers, the Cashback Card offers a convenient and rewarding way to manage your expenses. This is a pre-loaded Mastercard, which means that you add credit to it, then use it. It enables you to make online purchases or shop at physical retail outlets. Accepted widely, the Cashback Card simplifies transactions and offers an excellent opportunity to reduce your Utility Warehouse bill through everyday spending.

Benefit from Retail Partnerships

Utility Warehouse has partnered with around 50 prominent retailers, such as Boots, M&S, Sainsburys, B&Q and Argos, ensuring that every transaction comes with benefits. With each purchase, you can earn cashback ranging from 3% to 10%. Even if a specific deal is not available, you’ll still earn around 1% cashback.

Cost and Savings

While the card carries a £2 monthly fee as part of your bill, consistent use is likely to generate savings far surpassing this cost.

Activating Your Card – Easy Steps

Opting for the Cashback Card is a decision you won’t regret. Once the card arrives in the post, you can activate it by accessing your Utility Warehouse account through the website or the UW app.

  1. Select the Cashback option.
  2. Receive a verification code on your mobile device.
  3. Enter the code on your screen to link your card.
  4. Enter the card’s unique sticker number to complete the setup.

Top-Up and Withdrawal Made Effortless

Within your online account or app wallet, you have the convenience of choosing either Top-up or Withdraw options. Securely link your bank account using your debit card details. Additionally, the Auto top-up feature is available for those who prefer regular automatic refills.

Unlocking Your PIN Code

Discovering your Cashback Card’s PIN code is equally straightforward. Access your wallet through the online account or app, then select Show card details. A code will be dispatched to your mobile phone. Enter this code when prompted, granting you access to a screen that unveils crucial card information.

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