Paying for District Heating in Dundee

There are a variety of options that allow you to buy credit easily:


Tenants can make payments on line by visiting and registering on the Energy Billing

website at:  There is a minimum payment of £5 per transaction.

For your personal log in information, please phone 01382 433948 or 01382 307305.

By telephone

You can make a Credit or Debit card payment over the phone by calling

Energy Billing on 01623 541 401 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

This is a standard rate telephone number.

By standing order

A monthly standing order can be set up.  You can obtain a standing order

mandate by contacting the Energy Billing Helpline on 01623 880949.

By Paypoint

You should have been issued with a heat card which you can take with you and

make cash or cheque payments at any outlet that displays the Paypoint Symbol.

There is a minimum payment of £5 per transaction. 

It may take up to 2 hours for the credit payment to show on your meter.

For immediate credit, use the PIN Code

The PIN code is a 10‑digit code that can be found on your Paypoint receipt, the website or the automated payment line. 

Go to the main screen on your energy meter and press the ‘ENTER’ button. 

Select the option that says ‘PIN entry’ and, using the UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT buttons, enter the 10‑digit code. 

You do this by highlighting each number in turn and pressing ‘ENTER’ to select it.  Once you have keyed in all 10 numbers, select ‘DONE’ and your meter will be credited.

Emergency Credit

To access the £5 Emergency Credit on the meter press ENTER arrow down to USE EMERGENCY CREDIT and press ENTER.

Where can I get help and further advice on energy?

If you require further advice, information or assistance on energy related issues, including how to operate your new heating system efficiently and economically, energy saving tips and fuel supplier issues etc, please contact Dundee Energy Efficiency Advice Project on telephone (01382) 434840 or e‑mail:

If you are from Ukraine and have any questions that are not energy-related, please email