Getting Your PAC Code: Quick and Simple

For a seamless switch to a new mobile provider while retaining your current number, obtaining your PAC code is essential. It’s as easy as sending a text with the word “PAC” to 65075.

Important points to note

When you use a PAC code to transfer your mobile number to a different network, please be aware that this action will lead to the cancellation of your existing contract and the closure of your account.

Keep in mind that if your current contract is still active, you might need to cover early termination fees. Generally, these fees amount to the total bills for the remaining months. An exception to this is if you’re switching to Utility Warehouse (UW). UW covers exit fees for services brought to them, up to a total value of £400. To fully understand the specific terms and conditions, take a moment to review your current contract.

Do not cancel your current mobile contract prematurely

Before you embark on the switch, remember this crucial advice: Do not cancel your current mobile contract prematurely. This step is vital to prevent the potential loss of your current phone number, which could complicate the smooth transfer process. When you share your PAC code with your new network provider, you can be confident that your previous billing account will automatically close once your number finds its new place on the network.