Is 5G safe?

Article wrote 12th August 2023

Expert Insights Unveiled

The rise of 5G technology in global cell networks has sparked concerns about health effects. Here’s a summary of different viewpoints:

5G Basics: Launched in 2019, 5G brings faster wireless connections through higher radio frequencies. It’s like previous tech but speedier.

Radiation Reality: Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are energy zones from radiation. 5G’s nonionizing EMFs differ from higher-risk ionizing ones. Studies haven’t shown 5G’s EMFs cause harm, unlike ionizing radiation linked to cancer.

Heat Hype: EMFs from devices can lead to skin warming. Yet, this heat is minimal and poses little health risk.

Mixed Concerns: Some experts worry. While studies on 5G’s safety are ongoing, there’s debate over its impact on genes, densely populated areas, and prolonged exposure.

Varied Views: The World Health Organisation states that 5G is safe, but some experts disagree. More research is needed to settle these differences.

Fact Check: Debunked myths include 5G causing COVID-19, aviation problems, and severe cybersecurity risks.

Ongoing Evaluation: As more is learned about 5G, the discussion about its health effects continues.


The safety of 5G remains uncertain. While it emits nonionizing radiation, which is less hazardous than ionizing radiation, the jury is still out whether or not there are risks. Different experts are saying different things and there is not enough data collected. We’re not advocating panic, but if you’re using 5G, it’s prudent to reduce usage until more data emerges. Consider limiting use and turning off devices when not in use.