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Further information about the Letter of Authority (LOA)

Switching business energy suppliers in the UK has become a breeze, thanks to services like Joe Compare. However, before they can assist you, they require a crucial document: a Letter of Authority (LOA). In this guide, we’ll clarify what an LOA and its significance.

Understanding a Letter of Authority

Letter of Authority

An LOA is essentially a permission slip that empowers brokers to act on your behalf within predefined limits. Although often associated with energy brokers, LOAs are relevant across various sectors, from healthcare to finance. Without the LOA, the broker cannot act on your behalf.

What Can an LOA Enable an Energy Broker to Do?

In the energy sector, an LOA is essential before brokers can communicate with your energy provider about switching. Here’s what an LOA typically allows:

  1. Requesting Historical Information: This includes data on your energy consumption, past prices, and contract end dates.
  2. Finding Better Deals: Brokers compare rates from different suppliers to secure the best deal for you.
  3. Initiating the Switch: Handling paperwork to transition from your current supplier to a new one or securing a renewal.
  4. Managing Queries: Addressing service or billing inquiries on your behalf.
  5. Scheduling Appointments: Coordinating maintenance or upgrades with your supplier.
  6. Submitting Meter Readings: Ensuring accurate billing by submitting readings or collecting consumption data.
  7. Handling Complaints: Advocating for you and managing discussions if issues arise.

How Long is an LOA Valid?

LOAs typically last for 12 months, but exceptions exist. The letter itself specifies its duration, so it’s crucial to check for this information. When it expires, you must sign another for your consultant or broker to continue representing you.

Who Can Sign an LOA?

For a company in the UK, the business owner or a director should sign the LOA. Using company letterhead or logo paper expedites background checks.

After Submitting an LOA

Once you’ve signed an LOA, your broker can start immediately, as it’s valid from the signing date. This ensures a swift process and peace of mind, making the switch to a better deal for your business energy in the UK seamless.

How Joe Compare Can Assist in Switching Business Energy in the UK

Joe Compare’s tech-enabled energy experts can swiftly find the right energy deal for your UK-based business and facilitate the switch. To start comparing business energy prices, please complete our online form or call 01382 553119. Make your energy switch hassle-free with Joe Compare.