Liberty smart meters

Liberty smart meters are digital electric meters used by utility companies to measure the amount of electricity used by residential and commercial customers. These meters use advanced technology to provide more accurate readings and real-time data on energy usage.

There are a range of smart meters for use in the UK. Here are some of the models available:

  1. Liberty 100 Single-Phase Smart Meter: This smart meter is designed for residential customers and small businesses with single-phase electrical systems. It offers real-time energy usage data and supports time-of-use billing.
  2. Liberty 110 Single-Phase Smart Meter: This is an advanced version of the Liberty 100 Smart Meter, which includes additional features such as tamper detection and remote disconnection capabilities.
  3. Liberty 120 Three-Phase Smart Meter: This smart meter is designed for larger commercial and industrial customers with three-phase electrical systems. It offers advanced features such as power quality monitoring and demand response capabilities.
  4. Liberty 130 Prepaid Smart Meter: This smart meter allows customers to prepay for their electricity usage, helping them to manage their energy bills and avoid unexpected charges.
  5. Liberty 140 Smart Gas Meter: This smart meter provides real-time data on gas usage and supports more accurate billing.