“Secure” smart meters

Secure is a brand of smart meters used in the UK to measure and record energy consumption in homes and businesses. Secure offers a range of smart meter models, including single-phase and three-phase meters, designed to meet the different energy needs of consumers.

Secure smart meters typically come with a range of features, including remote communication capabilities, real-time energy consumption data, and a user-friendly display. The meters are designed to be highly accurate and reliable, and are subject to strict testing and certification to ensure they meet industry standards.

In addition to smart meters, Secure also offers a range of other energy management solutions, including in-home displays and software platforms that enable energy monitoring and control. These tools can help consumers better understand and manage their energy consumption, and can ultimately lead to cost savings and a more sustainable use of energy.

If you have a Secure smart meter installed in your home or business, you can typically access your energy consumption data by pressing a button on the meter or using a remote display. You can also contact your energy supplier or a licensed electrician for more information on how to operate your Secure smart meter.

Here are some examples of Secure smart meter models:

  • Liberty 100: A single-phase smart meter designed for residential use. It offers remote communication capabilities and a user-friendly display.
  • Liberty 110: A single-phase smart meter with advanced communications capabilities, including the ability to connect to a home area network (HAN) and communicate with other smart devices in the home.
  • Liberty 200: A three-phase smart meter designed for small businesses and commercial properties. It offers real-time energy monitoring and advanced communication features.
  • Prime: A modular smart meter platform that can be configured for a range of energy monitoring applications. It is designed for commercial and industrial use and offers advanced data analysis and communication capabilities.