Utility Warehouse and Feed-in tariffs

If you’re producing your own electricity, such as with solar panels, you can earn money through Feed-In Tariffs (FITs). These tariffs come in two parts:

  1. Generation Tariff: You’re paid for the electricity you generate and use on-site.
  2. Export Tariff: If you generate more electricity than you need, the surplus gets sold to the grid, and you get paid for it.

Accurate Payments for Exported Electricity

To ensure fairness, Utility Warehouse use meter readings to calculate your payments whenever possible. If you lack an export meter, they will estimate your exports based on established guidelines. The Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy reviews and publishes these estimates annually by March 1st.

When remote readings aren’t feasible, you will need to provide export readings at least once every three months, much like your generation readings. You can submit these readings through the Utility Warehouse platform or call them on 0333 777 0777.

Easy with Smart Meters

If you have a smart meter that measures export, Utility Warehouse may be able to collect your readings remotely. In case remote collection isn’t possible, the same quarterly manual export readings are required.

Upgrade to Smart Meters for Free

When you switch to Utility Warehouse smart meters, you’re automatically switched from estimated payments to accurate metered exporting. They will send you a confirmation once it’s done. Contact us at 0333 777 0777 or visit the FAQ section at the Utility Warehouse website for a free upgrade.

Simple Application and Support

To apply, complete the provided form. For detailed terms, check the leaflet you can download. For help and frequently asked questions, visit our dedicated page.

Get in touch with Utility Warehouse

Have questions or need assistance? Reach out to Utility Warehouse at feedintariffs@uw.co.uk or call 0333 777 0777.

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