Utility Warehouse Broadband

Utility Warehouse Broadband brings fast and reliable internet services directly to your home, prioritising simplicity and savings.

They offer a variety of broadband plans designed to cater to your browsing, streaming, and gaming needs.

Whether you’re looking for standard broadband or ultra-fast fibre options, Utility Warehouse has the right solution for every household.

Beyond just connectivity

Utility Warehouse goes the extra mile by bundling broadband with essential services like gas, electricity, mobile, and insurance, all in a convenient package.

Stay seamlessly connected with Utility Warehouse Broadband, where convenience, value, and quality converge. And that’s not all:

Eero can boost the signal

Strong Signal in Every Room

Bid farewell to Wi-Fi dead zones with UW’s Whole Home Wi-Fi. This innovative system employs Amazon eero devices that collaboratively cover your entire home with fast and dependable Wi-Fi.

Simple Setup and Great Value

Your Wi-Fi under your control

Your eeros come with eero Secure included for free, usually costing £25 a year. It gives you extra features on the eero app, making it super easy to manage your Wi-Fi and keep you and your family safe online.

Internet Backup connects eero to an alternate internet connection to keep the network up and running during an outage.

Advanced Network Security helps protect the devices on your network from online threats

Ad Block blocks a variety of ads from websites and applications

SafeSearch blocks inappropriate search results from Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yandex