UW early termination fee offer

UW’s £400 early termination fee offer made easy

Are you curious about the Utility Warehouse (UW) £400 early termination fee offer? Let’s break it down for you:

What’s the Deal?

If you’re switching to Utility Warehouse (UW) and transitioning at least three services—from energy, broadband, mobile, and insurance (except Home Insurance)—this offer kicks in. Oh, and you’ve got to be a fresh face (a new customer).

Breaking Free from Contracts

Do you have pesky contracts holding you back? UW has your back. They’ll pitch in up to £400 to help settle the termination fees your current providers throw at you while making the move.

Snagging the Benefit

Bagging this offer is simple. Share your bill copies showcasing those Early Termination Fees, and UW will sling the equivalent credit into your account.

Extra for Tenants

If you’re a tenant, there might be some extra criteria to meet. Head over to uw.co.uk/terms for more info.

Mobile Contracts

Listen up, mobile contract holders. If your contract bundles device and airtime costs, UW has your termination fee within the £400 limit. But, if your bill splits these costs—usually seen with swanky devices in a financing setup—UW covers only the airtime-related termination fee, not the device.

There you have it—a clear shot at understanding UW’s generous offer!